How is your heart?

Do you ever feel yourself drifting in your relationship with God?

I had been in that place. I remember as the distance grew, the fruits of my spirit would dwindle. In their place would be anger, fear, isolation, jealousy, etc. I struggled with forgiveness and don’t even get me started on getting in the Word. I stopped reading, and on the off chance out of desperation that I did, I would cry because I felt nothing. It would break my heart that I had come so far in my growth and got so close to God to only be drifting away.

It was this scripture that stuck out to me during that time because I was realizing that nothing I was doing was working. Something broke in me and I had been altered because of it. But God does not change, and this line was the cry of my heart. Like, “Okay, I can’t do this but you can. You can bring me to you.”

Sometimes, as the walls build up around our heart, we need help in creating pureness. And as our spirits get weary, we need to be renewed of our love story with God.

If you find yourself in this season, this devotion is for you.

It is a 10-day look at ways to affirm your heart so that you can shift your focus on how your heart can be cleaned and your spirit reignited.


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How is your heart? 
Has it been struggling to heal? To forgive? To find joy? To move on? To be close to God?
There are a lot of blocks that can keep our hearts closed to what we need most in order to be a heart for God.
This 10-Day Devotional will walk you through 10 heart affirmations that will help you get closer to the heart you want it to be. A heart ready for love and blessing.
It is centered around this scripture that can be the cry of your heart as you go through this devotional.

Each day will cover the topics below:







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